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Email Settings


Email Settings when using a TimberLAN email account - either your own domain or a cmconline account


Printable Instructions


TimberLAN Email Settings
Server Type: Internet Mail, POP or POP3
Name: Your Name – Example: John W. Smith
Email Address: Your Email Address – Example: jsmith@cmconline.com
Incoming Mail Server (POP3): mail.cmconline.com
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): mail.cmconline.com
User Name: Your full email address – Example: john@domain.com
Password: Your Email Password
Outgoing mail server: Your outgoing mail server DOES require authentication. You will need to ensure that this option is selected
Further help for Outlook Further help for Outlook Express

Can’t Receive/Open certain attachments
Security Settings, they may be causing trouble.
Go to your
Internet Explorer
Internet Options
Custom Level button Reset to Low
See if the attachment is there now
If this does not solve the trouble go to this document for further instructions

Sending Email from one account when I have multiple email accounts

If you have two or more email accounts like john@abc.com and john@xyz.com and you’re your emails are sent from abc.com but want to send an email from xyz.com you can provided you use a latter version of Microsoft Outlook. If you do:

Open Outlook
Do a New Mail Message

Main Menu\Actions\New Mail Message or CTRL + N or Click the Icon
Next to the Send Button there is an Accounts button with a down arrow
Click on the down arrow and select the account.

Setting up an auto-reply or out-of-the-office reply to emails
Log into webmail from the homepage of www.timberlan.com Webmail Login
Select Options
Scroll to bottom of the page
Write your auto-reply message
Select the checkbox to enable the auto-reply message
Click the Update Preferences button

Multiple Emails - Same email delivered multiple times

When the same email is sent to you repeatedly it is usually do to a slow internet connection. The server does not get the confirmation that your computer has received the email quick enough and resends it again and again and again.

Possible causes:

  1. Slow internet connection
  2. Aa virus/spam or huge email in the persons inbox
  3. An old version of Norton Anti Virus trying to scan a large file as it down loads and causes a pile up resulting in your computer not communicating with the email server that it received the email.
  4. A new version of Norton Anti Virus scanning a huge file. *

Some things you can do:

  1. DSL - recycle your modem
  2. Dialup - disconnect and reconnect to get a better line.
  3. If that happens again go to the web email on the Timberlan site and delete the frist and maybe the second email in the inbox. This should take care of the offending email.
  4. Update or delete the Norton Antivirus program.
  5. If you have Postini virus and apam filters you can shut off the Norton or McAfee email scaning portion.
  6. If the trouble persists please email support@timberlan.com

* Don't forget Timberlan has no limits on email sizes since many of our customers send and receive large graphic files. The down side will be that an unwanted large file from friends or others can clog up the system.

Message Delayed
If a message is delay at the cmconline.com\TimberLAN email server it means the server of the recipient it was sent to is having trouble. Whatever the trouble is the receiving server will not accept the email so the sending server continues to re-send the email up to a certain amount of time.